In each of the four sessions, you’ll discover new insights from world leading migraine specialists, doctors and patient advocates. Licensed therapists will lead the group discussion on a different topic each time.

Session 1

You Are Not Alone: Connecting the Migraine Community

Overview of Session 1
Migraine can be incredibly isolating, forcing people into dark rooms to deal with the pain. And that can lead to depression and disconnection from others, which just makes the disease worse. In fact, there’s a large and growing migraine community available to remind you that you’re not alone – online and in communities. You just have to connect to find support and encouragement to continue to battle the disease.

Session 2

What People Don’t Get About Migraine: Battling Stigma

Overview of Session 2
It’s not just a headache – it’s a genetic neurological disease that’s widely misunderstood. That has extensive implications for the kind of care you get and how you’re treated by others, even how you view yourself. That’s called stigma, and it’s real.

Session 3

Communicating with Friends and Family

Overview of Session 3
Discover how to communicate better with people in your life who are also affected by migraine: caregivers, friends, co-workers and bosses. (Participants may bring caregivers to this session). Understand the impact of migraine on our social lives and identity, and practical solutions on how to communicate your needs.Understand the impact of migraine upon families, and practical solutions for preserving your most valuable relationships.

Session 4

How to Advocate for Better Migraine Care

Overview of Session 4
Find out how to navigate the health care system and advocate for yourself, with your doctor and your insurance company. Discover how to help raise awareness for migraine and improve our chances for finding a cure.

Community groups will be held for people with migraine and your caregivers in five cities this year. Free registration is provided on a first come first serve basis.

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